Ethical Reads Book Club

We begin with nonfiction (though we am open to fiction) by reading the Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert, a science writer for the New Yorker who presents a convincing and sobering case that we are in the middle of the 6th great die off or extinction of all existing life on the earth. Possible future […]
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Job Club

Anne Wallman
The Ethical Culture Society is pleased to announce the implementation of a weekly Job Club that will include short workshops each week.  Topics covered will include: Work-style assessments, Job-market research, Networking, Self-Marketing, Resume review, Interview preparation, Overcoming barriers to employment,
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Charter School Forum Report and Video documented the Forum on Charter Schools held on Sunday June 24. The topics were: Are charter schools a boon or a bane to communities in New Jersey? The administration of Gov. Chris Christie promotes charter schools, but the research on their effectiveness is mixed, and the public is divided, with strong
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