Our Statement of Purpose

Ethical Culture’s 1980 Statement of Purpose: Its Antecedents and How To Describe What We Are Today At first it may seem odd to devote a platform discussion to Ethical Culture’s Statement of Purpose. Every week we find the four, pithy paragraphs on the back of our Sunday Meeting brochure. In addition, the
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How is Ethical Culture religious?

Ethical Culture holds that all people have inherent worth, regardless of their background, station in life or contribution to society. This means, at a minimum, that we not violate others or ourselves. Non-violation is not enough, however. Ethical Culture teaches that we must act in a positive way to support
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How does Ethical Culture make a difference in society?

Our interest in the greater society is expressed through programs, such as discussion groups, debates and speakers on important issues of our day. These programs, scheduled throughout the year are all open to the public. Like our national organization, the American Ethical Union, the Ethical Culture Society of
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