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Who We Are

While most religions are concerned with ethics, Ethical Culture puts ethics and human flourishing at the center of the search for a meaningful life.

Its members are committed to personal ethical development in their relationships with others and in activities involving social action and environmental stewardship.

Our Sunday School

A few of our kids in the main room

A few of our kids in the main room

We celebrate our diverse families and each child in our Sunday school. Families of all backgrounds, particularly those with mixed religious heritage, trust Ethical Culture to provide a caring community in which children up to age 14 can learn to find answers to the most important questions in life.

Society members teaching in our Sunday School use age appropriate curricula to help children understand themselves, their relationships to others around them and the world they live in. Kids make friends and have fun as they gradually develop their own sense of morality and their own humanistic ideals. Read more about Sunday School.

Dr. Joseph Chuman

Leader Dr. Joe Chuman with member Janet Glass

Leader Dr. Joe Chuman with member Janet Glass

Dr. Chuman has been the leader of the Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County, NJ since 1974. Activist and Community Organizer As an activist, Dr. Chuman has worked on behalf of human rights, civil liberties and in opposition to the death penalty, as well as many other progressive causes. He has recently initiated a sanctuary program for asylum seekers detained at the Elizabeth Detention Center in Elizabeth, NJ. Educator Dr Chuman teaches Human Rights at the graduate level at Columbia University, and has taught at the United Nations University for Peace in San Jose, Costa Rica. He has published numerous articles in the Record of Bergen County, New Jersey. He has also had articles published in The New York Times, The Humanist, Free Inquiry, Humanistic Judaism and other periodicals. He has had articles published on Ethical Culture and religion in several encyclopedias.

It is not often that an Ethical Culturist publishes a book directed primarily at an Ethical Culture audience. Speaking of Ethics by leader, Joe Chuman, does precisely that…. Read more about Joe’s book…

Please click here for Dr.Chuman’s Talks.


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