President’s Column: An Interview with Hugh Taft-Morales

Janet Glass
By Janet Glass, president of The Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County Hugh Taft-Morales is currently leader of the Philadelphia Ethical Society and the Baltimore Ethical Society. He will be speaking at the Bergen Society on Sunday, October 30th, delivering a platform address entitled, “Humanist Anti-Racism
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Lee Porter on Fair Housing

Lee Porter (right) is pictured with Bergen member, Jean Strickholm (left). More than 50 years ago, Jean, an escort volunteer for fair housing, showed Lee the house that the Porters bought. Lee still lives there. By Janet Glass Lee Porter, Executive Director of the Fair Housing Council of Northern New Jersey, spoke
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About Kindness: It’s Not All Unicorns and Angel Wings

By Janet Glass, President of The Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County My Regrets New Year’s resolutions. Often made, seldom kept. So, what could my resolution have to say to a diverse congregation facing a shiny new year? Well, one thing you might ask an old bird is, “looking back, what do you regret?”  There
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Ethics from the Heart

I believe in the life of reason, and my commitment to reason, in great measure, is what makes me a humanist. While honoring reason does not, in itself, a humanist make, it is certainly an essential component of the modern humanist worldview. It was Aristotle’s assumption long ago that the capacity for reason is
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