Job Club

Job Club

Anne Wallman

The Ethical Culture Society is pleased to announce the implementation of a weekly Job Club that will include short workshops each week.  Topics covered will include: Work-style assessments, Job-market research, Networking, Self-Marketing, Resume review, Interview preparation, Overcoming barriers to employment, Self-employment options, Vocational training options, Planning and Follow-up.

The job club will be facilitated by Anne Wallman, a member of the Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County and professional career counselor.  Anne has 30+ years of finding jobs for people and a certification as a Career Development Facilitator by the National Career Development Association.  Through her business, Career Selections, Inc., she gives practical, real world advice to people seeking to start, change, advance and transition their careers.

Membership in the Job Club is free and by application.  Spaces are limited, so please contact Anne directly if interested:  The only qualification for membership is that you are currently unemployed or under-employed and are actively seeking full-time employment.

The weekly sessions are held most Sundays at 6 pm at the Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County’s meetinghouse at 687 Larch Avenue, Teaneck, NJ.


  1. Hi Anne,
    As you know I am seeking employment. I think a group like this could be helpful for me.


  2. Hi Anne
    I am a counselling Psychologist in Somerset West South Africa exploring the potential of job clubs (for lack of a better word) to both serve as an alternative source of belonging ,structure and meaning as well as a source of income through projects and tendered collective jobs.This is mainly aimed at the so called NEET’s (Not In Education ,Employment or training) between the ages of 16 and 24 now touching the 4 million mark here in South Africa.The idea is for private sector companies to sponsor and provide skills training to members whilst they also go through a programme of career education to facilitate their transition into a new world of work (as officially declared by the WEF last year),learning amongst other things to start and run their own permanent job club as a reliable structure in their communities. Any ideas as to the viability of such a project and what you would include in such a career education programme?

  3. Do you ever post jobs? We are always looking for good people to work in the Moving business

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