So Long, Scalia

I must confess my first reaction when I heard of Justice Scalia’s death. I was just happy, happy that he could no longer get in the way of the rights of my gay or female or non-white friends. Out of the way! I smiled. My second feeling was guilt. What kind of person celebrates the […]
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Death, Grief and Love

Platform address by Dr. Joseph Chuman, leader of the Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County, November 4, 2012         Last year my professional life reached a milestone: For the first time in my 44-year career, the annual number of funeral and memorial services at which I have officiated surpassed the number of
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Death: does it really exist?

Here’s a recap of our recent discussion on Death: does it really exist? There are two schools of thought about the distinction between living and non-living. One sees these two states as totally different and contrasting. The other sees existence in continual flux between organic and inorganic states of
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