Sunday School

These are some of the goals of the Ethical Culture Sunday School:

  • To encourage each child to seek personal answers to questions of ethics within a framework of respect for themselves, their families, their communities and their natural environment
  • To foster social responsibility in each child
  • To introduce concepts from other belief systems while promoting tolerance and affirming diversity
  • To affirm a broad spectrum of family traditions in a joyous atmosphere of celebration at festivals
  • To provide a sense of belonging in an established community of people actively living according to their ethical ideals
  • To offer each family an identity in, and with, Ethical Culture as its religious choice and commitment

The Sunday School takes place at the same time as the Platform Meeting. See more about us by clicking on our class pages highlighted below or by visiting our Sunday School FAQ page.

Primary Class


Our Curriculum for the Little Kids: Who am I? What am I like?

Elementary  Class


Our Curriculum for the Young Kids: How do members of a community treat each other?

Junior Class


Our Curriculum for the Juniors: What is the History of the EC movement? How does that relate to my life?

Senior Class


Our Curriculum for the Seniors: What injustices do people face in the world today? How can I impact change for the future?


  1. Do you have a summer camp program?

    • Hi Oshana – Thanks for your interest!
      We don’t have a summer camp program but we will provide more information about other humanist camps soon.

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