Wedding Officiant

Dr. Joseph Chuman is a state certifiied wedding officiant.  His policy is to meet with the couple at least once, and almost always twice. The first meeting provides an opportunity to discuss Ethical Culture, the ceremony, legal requirements, and to get to know each other. At this meeting he introduces the elements of the ceremony, as sketched above, and asks the couple to help plan the particulars of the ceremony. At a second meeting, usually within a week or two of the ceremony, details are confirmed and any issues are resolved. Wedding ceremonies in New Jersey and New York require a marriage license and two witnesses to sign it, in addition to the leader. (Blood tests are not required in New Jersey or New York State.) The signing of the license and payment usually take place following the ceremony.

Joe has no established fee. He accepts whatever falls within the economic capacity of the couple. Additional factors which govern consideration of the fee might include distance traveled and proportion to the overall cost of the wedding. In recent years he has generally received payment within the $175 — $300 range. But it must be emphasized that no one is turned away because of financial limitations.

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