Job Club

Anne Wallman
The Ethical Culture Society is pleased to announce the implementation of a weekly Job Club that will include short workshops each week.  Topics covered will include: Work-style assessments, Job-market research, Networking, Self-Marketing, Resume review, Interview preparation, Overcoming barriers to employment,
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Not Working: The Stories Behind the Unemployment Statistics

  Author D.W. Gibson (2012, Penguin Books) Reviewed by Theresa Forsman          More than 12 million Americans are unemployed today. That’s 12 million stories of being laid off, fired, riffed or downsized, 12 million stories of what happens when the job goes away. Sixty of those stories, from Southern California
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The Fiscal Cliff? Get Over It

  By Ed Gross, member of the Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County I’m no economist. I never even took a class in Economics. I do read Paul Krugman’s column, however, and his blog, too, so I’m familiar with the terms of the debate. And what I’d like to suggest is that our politicians, who […]
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