Assessing the UN

A global consciousness is emerging — a recognition that the world is increasingly interconnected. Global problems do not need passports to cross national boundaries. Only collective action can respond to them. Still,the UN has been attacked, by both the right and the left. From the conservative or nationalist
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Fight Against Poverty

In 2000 leaders and representatives from 189 countries met in a UN Summit to respond to the problem, “the poor we have always with us.” Thanks to persistent ongoing pressure from Kofi Annan, then Secretary-General, they adopted target goals for the year 2015, the Millennium Development Goals. The goals were
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The Challenge of Climate Change

Thanks to almost-president Gore, Katrina, and the UN’s accumulation of warnings from scientists all over the world, climate change can no longer be ignored. The new UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has placed the potential impact of climate change first on his agenda. The UN’s annual major General Assembly in
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The Psychological Impact of Disasters

The last decade has seen a large increase in the occurrence of both natural and man-made disasters. The numbers are staggering. In 2003, in natural disasters alone, 200 million people were exposed to loss of life, damage to property and the trauma of survival. The United Nations works to meet these needs through
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World Health and the UN

In our increasingly interconnected world, global health is facing a further challenge—new diseases are emerging at the rate of one per year. Since 1967 at least 39 new pathogens have been identified, including HIV, Ebola fever, Marburg fever, and SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). Other century-old threats
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The World Food Crisis

The tsunami-like shock of soaring world food prices following the increase in the demand for oil is a dramatic illustration of the interconnectedness of the world. An additional 100 million people of already vulnerable populations have been plunged into poverty and hunger. Even in affluent U.S.A. the poorest fifth
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World Health Report 2006

Asklepios, the ancients’ god of health, had two daughters, Hygeia and Panakeia. Hygeia is the caregiver who promotes wellness, and Panakeia is the healer who treats illness. The UN is committed to both, and clearly, both are needed. The UN agencies WHO and UNICEF have had remarkable success in treating major
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2003 is the International Year of Fresh Water

2003 is the International Year of Fresh Water.(www.wateryear2003.org). On October 16, the Dag Hammerschuld Auditorium was the setting for a briefing entitled WATER OF LIFE; FRESH PERSPECTIVES ON THE WORLD’S WATER CRISIS. The hall was filled to capacity with many seated in the aisles. The briefing, and
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