Human trafficking, a major moral challenge

By Drs. Sylvain Ehrenfeld and Reba Goodman More than 40 million people were victims of modern slavery in 2016. This amazing figure comes from the UN’s International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Walk Free Foundation. This includes 25 million trapped in forced labor, many of them in debt bondage, working in
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2017 World Happiness Report

By Drs. Sylvain Ehrenfeld and Reba Goodman Should nations be judged by how happy their population is? Should government policy aim at increasing the nation’s happiness? Currently, most countries aim to increase the wealth of the nation generally measured by the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Does the happiness of a
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At the UN, Where are We Going?

By Drs. Sylvain Ehrenfeld and Reba Goodman The issue of the pros and cons of the United Nations continues to baffle us. This is especially so during the transition to new Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the amazing dramatic ups and downs of Donald Trump as the new president of the United States. This is a
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From the UN: Prejudice and Discrimination

Dr. Sylvain Ehrenfeld, the IHEU representative to the UN, and Dr. Reba Goodman, member of ECSBC The painful reality of prejudice and discrimination is a global issue. Shiite and Sunni Muslims are killing each other. Anti-Semitism surged nearly 40% in Europe and especially in France. Feeling against gays is high in
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From The UN: Development Goals, Old and New

DR. SYLVAIN EHRENFELD is the IHEU and National Ethical Service Representative to the UN. He submits reports monthly to us regarding activities at the UN, which he attends as a non-governmental representative. DR. REBA GOODMAN, member of ECSBC, is Professor Emeritus in Clinical Pathology & Special Lecturer in
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World Press Freedom Day

FROM THE UN In the past decade the world has seen a dangerous escalation of violence against journalists and other media professionals. The year of 2006 was the bloodiest year on record, with over 150 media killings, hundreds arrested, attacked or threatened, as well as held hostage. This happens not only in the
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The Sachs Report – The Millennium Project

The end of global poverty? An ideal whose time has come? Dr Jeffrey Sachs, world renowned macroeconomist, adviser to Kofi Annan, thinks so. His recent report (Investing in Development: A Practical Plan To Achieve The Development Goals) spells out a detailed plan in which he shows how enormous reductions in
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Outer Space Should be an Oasis of Peace

In this world of constantly recurring natural and manmade disasters, outer space should be an oasis of peace and service for mankind. Surely, the UN has enough to do in a world that often functions as an emergency in progress. Still the UN is both upward and forward looking with a UN Office for Outer […]
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Report on World Violence from the UN

The 20th century has turned out to be one of the most violent periods of conflict in human history. An estimated 190 million people lost their lives directly or indirectly … over half noncombatant civilians and millions of injured and disabled added to the terrible toll. Aside from the communal violence of
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