Susan Lesh

Our Building, Oh Long May it Stand

By Susan Lesh I’ve recently been thinking about the importance of having a home. My dad and brother just lived through Hurricane Irma; there was a definite chance that their mobile home would not make it through. Luckily, they lost only a drain pipe; unfortunately, the home next to them lost a roof. They waited
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My Voice, Our Voice

As some of you know, I used to be a professional singer; my bachelor’s degree is in Music Education. Growing up, I was always known as the girl with the loud voice. Not only did I feel accepted when I was in school choruses, I felt special, too. I was selected for solos and received […]
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My path to president of our Ethical Culture Society

By Susan Lesh It started out simply. We had just moved to Teaneck—our first house! Laura and Marvin Mausner gave us a copy of the FOCUS newsletter and we were interested in what this community had to say. We came to a platform where Joe spoke and, again, our impression was positive and we were interested. […]
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