Robert Gulack

The Land of Now, Or: How Time Goes By

by Robert Gulack There once was a man who was certain that he was always right. He could prove it, he said – because, to the best of his knowledge, he had never been wrong. Well, we are all the prisoners of our individual perspectives. This man was merely an extreme example of the phenomenon. […]
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How to Tell the Difference Between Right and Wrong

By Robert Gulack © 2005 by Robert Gulack The world we live in, David Hume tells us, is “the first rude essay of some infant deity who afterwards abandoned it, ashamed of his lame performance”; or the work “of some . . . inferior deity, . . . the object of derision to his superiors”; […]
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Free Will: The Last Great Lie

By Robert Gulack  There are three great comforting lies at the heart of the cruel and corrupt monstrosity we call “Western Civilization” – three all-important factual allegations that, like Santa Claus, are treasured not because there is scientific evidence for them, but because they offer an emotional cushion
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