Reba Goodman

At the UN, Where are We Going?

By Drs. Sylvain Ehrenfeld and Reba Goodman The issue of the pros and cons of the United Nations continues to baffle us. This is especially so during the transition to new Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the amazing dramatic ups and downs of Donald Trump as the new president of the United States. This is a
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From the UN: Update on Water and Sanitation

By Dr. Sylvain Ehrenfeld and Dr. Reba Goodman Amazingly, more people in the world have cell phones than access to a toilet. Inadequate water and sanitation do not make headlines but claim many lives through disease. This is a “silent disaster” with major health consequences. Let’s look at the situation in greater
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From the UN: The World’s Children: An Update

  By Dr. Sylvain Ehrenfeld and Dr. Reba Goodman Children are our future. Our concern with their well-being is basic to our hopes. Every day on TV we see the devastating images of the trauma of war. The barbaric bombing of civilians and hospitals in Aleppo is a nightmare. It is staggering to realize that […]
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