Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County

Our Building, Oh Long May it Stand

By Susan Lesh I’ve recently been thinking about the importance of having a home. My dad and brother just lived through Hurricane Irma; there was a definite chance that their mobile home would not make it through. Luckily, they lost only a drain pipe; unfortunately, the home next to them lost a roof. They waited
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Universal Health Coverage

By Drs. Sylvain Ehrenfeld and Reba Goodman Since its founding in 1948 the World Health Organization (WHO) has promoted universal health coverage. For Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, the newly elected Director General of WHO, universal coverage is an ethical issue. In his words: “Do we want our fellow citizens to die
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My Voice, Our Voice

As some of you know, I used to be a professional singer; my bachelor’s degree is in Music Education. Growing up, I was always known as the girl with the loud voice. Not only did I feel accepted when I was in school choruses, I felt special, too. I was selected for solos and received […]
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Rita Radest, one of our longtime members, dies

A longtime member of the Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County, Rita Radest, died on Aug. 12 at the age of 88. Rita, widow of our Society’s first leader, Dr. Howard Radest, was a longstanding and active member of our community. She was a professional teacher and had served as director of the Society’s
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Humanism’s Farther Reaches

A former leader of the New York Ethical Society, Jerome Nathanson, often said that in his view Ethical Culture is the most important idea in the world. I often think of that claim when I look at the current state of affairs. Our political moment assaults us with realities that move in a direction opposite […]
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My path to president of our Ethical Culture Society

By Susan Lesh It started out simply. We had just moved to Teaneck—our first house! Laura and Marvin Mausner gave us a copy of the FOCUS newsletter and we were interested in what this community had to say. We came to a platform where Joe spoke and, again, our impression was positive and we were interested. […]
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Finding Solace in the Cosmos

By Dr. Joseph Chuman This has been a hard year for all of us, considering the dark political realities that loom large and invade our mental space almost ceaselessly. In order to sustain my sanity, I seek refuge. One place I turn to is a field of interest that captivated me when I was a […]
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Trump threatens our moral standards

By Dr. Joseph Chuman There is growing consensus that the Trump presidency is a train wreck: Chaotic, unpredictable, destructive of American norms, engineered by a pathologically impulsive, grandiose and stunningly ignorant man who is narcissistically blind to his own ignorance. The question many, both inside the
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Society to honor civil rights activist Theodora Lacey

Theodora Lacey of Teaneck, civil rights activist and educator, will receive the Jack Rubinstein Ethical Humanist Award at our Society’s Installation Dinner on Saturday, June 3, at 6 pm at the Meetinghouse. The award is bestowed annually on a non-member whose work has had a deep and lasting impact on social
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In Conclusion

Janet Glass
“Hi, is this Janet? This is David Bland calling for the Nominating Committee of Ethical Culture. Would you consider accepting a nomination for president?” “What?”  I was incredulous. The truth is that three years ago, my attendance at Ethical had been spotty, at best, and knowledge about
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