Dr. Joseph Chuman

Preserving the American Idea in our perilous times

By Dr. Joseph Chuman It is often said that unlike most other nations, the United States is founded on an idea. Whereas countries on other continents are grounded in blood and soil, with primary allegiance to clan, tribe, ethnic or religious group, those who come to our shores commit themselves to an implicit
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Repairing Our Democratic Values

By Dr. Joseph Chuman, leader of The Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County It’s hard to get excited about them. It’s much harder to get militant in their defense. In fact, it makes one feel a little foolish even to try. But try we must. What I’m referring to are liberal values. It’s much easier […]
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Politics as Tribalism

By Dr. Joseph Chuman, Leader of The Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County It is as frightening as it is mysterious. Donald Trump did not create it, but he has catapulted it to new heights, though “depths” would be a more accurate metaphor. He also exemplifies its greatest danger. What I am referring to is […]
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Staying Sane When the World Seems Not to Be – Sept. 11, 2016

Dr. Joseph Chuman, Leader The Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County As Ethical Culturists, we are attuned to the wider world. And today, to be so attuned is head-spinning. I am referring to the current presidential campaign, which is unprecedented in American history; unprecedented and almost surreal. We go to
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The Farther Reaches of America’s Racism

By Dr. Joe Chuman, Jan 3, 2016 Preview of the address The New Year usually arrives on the wings of hope and the anticipation that the year aborning will usher in an improvement over the past. Given the times we live in, hope is a disposition that we badly need. As Ethical Culturists, our outlooks […]
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What’s Reason Got to Do With It? Sun, May 3, 2015

…Why Americans Deny Climate Change, Embrace Creationism, Believe in Ghosts and Other Preposterous Ideas By Dr. Joseph Chuman, Leader of The Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County I find it one of the most astounding and disturbing facts about Americans. It is also more than a little frightening. And that
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From The Leader: Individualism Gone Wild

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world… The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity. –W.B. Yeats Twenty-five years ago, I read “Achieving Our Country,” a delightful book by the late American philosopher, Richard Rorty. It was a
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In Search of a Wider, Deeper, Richer Humanism

Today’s news is unsettling. Since September 2011, terrorism doesn’t seem so far away from us, even if it is taking place on the other side of the world. For those who are attuned to international events, the upheavals reported daily are captivating, and not in ways that put us at ease. Extremism is a defining […]
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Terrorism Very Close to Home, Sun Jan. 4

By Dr. Joseph Chuman, Leader of The Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County For our platform on Sunday, January 4th I am pleased to announce that Mike Kelly, longstanding columnist for The Record, will be our guest. I will be interviewing Mike on his new and widely acclaimed book, The Bus on Jaffa Road. The […]
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