Civil Rights movement

The Farther Reaches of America’s Racism

By Dr. Joe Chuman, Jan 3, 2016 Preview of the address The New Year usually arrives on the wings of hope and the anticipation that the year aborning will usher in an improvement over the past. Given the times we live in, hope is a disposition that we badly need. As Ethical Culturists, our outlooks […]
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Racism Endures

By Dr. Joseph Chuman, Leader of The Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County The refusal to indict police officer Daniel Pantaleo in the killing (one wants to say murder) of Eric Garner is shocking, egregious, even incomprehensible.  Even more so than the grand jury verdict in the killing of Michael Brown in
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Three Moral Heroes Who Were Also Ethical Culturists

Platform address by Dr. Joseph Chuman, leader of the Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County Dec. 4, 2011  In 2002, a 32-year-old Irish-born American journalist won the Pulitzer Prize for a monumental book documenting the history of genocide in the 20th Century. Samantha Power’s A Problem From Hell narrates in
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