From our Society’s President, Susan Lesh

My Ethical Culture journey

We had just moved to Teaneck—our first house! Neighbors Laura and Marvin Mausner gave us a copy of the FOCUS newsletter and we were interested in what this community had to say. We knew this was where we wanted to be and started up in September 2001.

We felt intellectually stimulated by the platform addresses and the discussions with the members. The children were very happy in Sunday School. And then we were encouraged to attend the Community Weekend held in Holiday Hills, N.Y. That weekend cemented our relationships with Ethical members; you could sit anywhere at mealtimes and immediately be engaged in an interesting discussion. The kids had the run of the place and we saw them at mealtimes, sitting with their buddies. The games and singing at night were FUN!

Soon I was invited to be on the Religious Education (now Ethical Education) committee, where I continue to be a member. I taught in the Sunday School for five years and chaired the Festivals Committee for three years. I have also been a member of the Family Programming, Social Affairs and Caring committees, as well as the Long-Range Goal Planning Committee. And then I was asked to be president.

As I reflect on my work with Ethical Culture, I see that it started out simply and that the last 16 years as an Ethical Culture member have enlarged me. The discussions, relationships and experiences here have helped to define who I am. Ethical Culture is interwoven within me.

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