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Marissa Rosenfeld, “Save a Child’s Heart:Mending Hearts, Building Bridges”

Speaker: Marissa Rosenfeld, Young Leadership Director of Save a Child’s Heart
The non-profit organization Save a Child’s Heart aims to build bridges of peace through medicine. Marissa Rosenfeld, the Young Leadership Director of Save A Child’s Heart, will discuss the organization’s beginnings and its work in today’s world. Marissa began working with Save a Child’s Heart seven years ago on her college campus at Hunter, while serving on the Hillel board. Marissa has a master’s degree in Modern Jewish Studies from the University of Oxford.

Our speakers offer thoughts related to the philosophy of humanism or share their experiences and commitments in the struggle to foster peace, justice, economic fairness and racial and religious harmony. Everyone is invited to Sunday Platform meeting.
The Sunday School at the Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County helps children aged 2-14 explore and develop their moral and critical thinking skills through fun and interactive lessons and field trips. We meet weekly on Sundays for 1.5 hours while the adults of the Ethical Culture Society are attending the platform meeting. Our wide ranging curriculum allows kids to examine themselves, their community and the world in general. We teach about different cultures, philosophies and religions. We encourage our students to ask questions, think for themselves and make up their own minds about the bigger questions in life. Our children develop strong values and ethical standpoints. The Sunday School Graduation Rite of Passage, completed by our 8th graders, allows them to present to the community how their Sunday School experience has informed their moral and ethical development.


Linda Bennett


Main Room
687 Larch Avenue, Teanck, 07666, United States.
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Sunday school occurs at the same time as Sunday Platform.

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