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Esther Sandrof: “Building a Shared Society: Rethinking Housing in Israel”

Today, Israel faces a severe shortage of decent affordable housing and a lack of legal protections to protect the rights of tenants.  Housing in Israel is largely segregated by race, religion and economic status with low-income Israeli Arabs and Jews of Color living in segregated and blighted conditions. The country has tried for nearly a decade to grapple with a policy response that will resolve these problems.  Today, a joint venture between an American developer and a local non-profit organization has proposed a new type of project in the historic City of Lod that could provide a new model in Israel for redevelopment of blighted area into a new mixed-income, multi-ethnic community.

Esther Sandrof is a Partner at Forsyth Street, a New York City-based advisory and asset management firm focused on affordable housing, real estate and municipal and impact investment.  She works with developers, financial institutions, philanthropies and government entities in development of innovative financing strategies for residential, commercial and cultural projects oriented toward achieving social impacts.


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