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#4 of 4 Small Beautiful Films: “The Soloist”



The Soloist (2009)

Of the four films I’ve chosen, this is the most “Hollywood”.  Starring two big stars, Robert Downey, Jr. and Jamie Foxx, made by a big studio with a $60,000,000 budget, it is nevertheless the kind of non-action, character driven story that makes it a moving experience to watch.

Real life Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez (played by Robert Downy, Jr.), is always on the lookout for a human interest story.  He sees a homeless, delusional man playing a cello by the side of the freeway, one Nathaniel Ayers (Jamie Foxx).  Ayers claims to be a brilliant former Julliard student and….well, you can guess the rest, can’t you?  Only it really happened!  Really!

Dare I say that “in spite” it’s high production value, it’s feel-good plot and it’s Hollywood provenance, this is a terrific film!  Jamie Foxx is positively outstanding as the schizophrenic Ayers, Downey is totally believable as the somewhat stereotypical newsman, and like I said, the story really is true (as will be apparent when we show the extras which feature interviews with the real Lopez and Ayers)

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