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#3 of 4 Small, Beautiful Films: “The Fits”



The Fits (2016)

Without a doubt, this is the most unusual of the four films I’ve chosen.  Written, produced and directed by first time film maker Anna Rose Holmer, The Fits features a cast of amateurs from the inner city schools in Cincinnati – but you’d never know it from their utterly natural, convincing acting and equally convincing story line.

11 year old Tony (Royalty Hightower) is a tom-boy on the cusp of adolescence.  She’s athletic (her big brother gives her boxing lessons), sweet and completely captivating.  She’s also trying to figure out what the next stage of her life is all about because she sees the older girls flirting and acting sexy and knows that somehow she’s headed there soon but doesn’t quite understand how or why.  She also sees the older girls in a most beguiling hip hop dance troupe, The Lionesses (played by the real life Q Kidz) and she wants in!  Forget the boxing, she wants to dance with the big kids!

At the same time as all this is going on the dance troupe suffers from some kind of weird mass hysteria.  Suddenly and without explanation, girls come down with the “fits” – like a seizure followed by fainting spells.  Frankly, this plot element is never really explained.

It is almost impossible to convey the charms of this movie or its star, Royalty Hightower, not to mention the joie de vivre of the its other star, the Q Kidz dance troupe.


Linda Bennett


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