Eric and Dan: Thanks for your Service

Eric and Dan: Thanks for your Service

Janet Glass


You’re leaving the Board,
you’ve earned a short rest.
As our faithful scribe,
you’ve given your best.

The minutes were thorough,
they kept us informed.
You helped shape the motions,
keep order, cite norms.

Your post was prescribed:
Just write up the minutes.
With grace and good cheer,
you went past those limits.

Whenever discussion
veered off from its track,
you urged the Board members
to bring focus back.

We’re so very grateful
your thoughts and ideas
showed careful attention
these past three years.

We hope you’ll be back.
Don’t leave us behind.
‘Cause Eric Sandhusen,
you’re one-of-a-kind!

Our own don Quixote
who rights all the wrongs,
Dan has put action
behind protest songs.

He’s mobilized letters
and live demonstrations
against oil trains
and FOR homeless stations.

Dan has sought justice
for immigrants’ wage theft
and helped shine a light
on the legacy slaves left.

He brought our attention
to overcharged phone fees
for prisoners and victims of
corporate bill thieves.

Dan’s passion for justice
and its satisfaction
has brought life to Ethical’s
value of action.

As Social Action chair,
you’ve set a high bar.
We’re much in your debt
and please, don’t go far!


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