Creating Community

Creating Community

By Janet Glass

Our meetinghouse’s main room was converted into a charming venue for fine dining and generous drinks on the evening of Dec. 2. This was the Community Dinner 2017.

Azar Gordon’s supervision missed no detail, from flowing decorations to provisions for the vegetarian set and gracious piano music in the background. Esther Sandrof, Janet Glass, Mary Matsui, Susan Lesh, Joe Chuman and Diana Gross shared the podium as we discussed 2018 pledging, the Skills Auction in April and Community Weekend in June.

New and longtime members spoke about their devotion to the Society, citing their values, the stimulating platforms, the Sunday School and the camaraderie. We were all treated to a visual representation of our finances, a slide show from Community Day and a video about the Skills Auction. The feeling was warm and the mood was festive. It felt like community.


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